Beyond the Code: Diverse Career Paths in AI Engineering

The image of an AI engineer as a solo coder feverishly typing complex algorithms in a dark room is a tired stereotype. In reality, AI engineering intersects a spectrum of roles leveraging both technical skills and multidimensional talent. From exploratory research scientists to solutions designers crafting bespoke AI to meet business challenges, modern AI engineering […]

How to Know if a Career in AI is Right for You

With the rapid advancements in technology and the increasing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in various industries, a career in AI engineering has become an enticing prospect. But how do you know if it’s the right path for you? Driven by a voracious demand for AI professionals, the sector is burgeoning at an enormous rate. […]

Daring to Be Different: Your Unique Journey into AI Engineering

Hello change-makers, dreamers, inventors—the bold souls looking to pivot into a new chapter that reads “AI Engineering.” You are not alone. You’ve been told your background in [insert non-technical field] isn’t the golden ticket to AI Wonderland. Well, they’re wrong. It’s precisely your diverse thinking that AI desperately craves. Listen up: this is for you, […]

The Fastest Way to Boost Your AI Skills? Platform-Neutral Certification

A person looks through an elegant gateway with the sign AI at the top

AI is on fire across industries as companies scramble to tap its magical potential to automate tasks and boost decision-making. AI spending soared to $50 billion in 2020 and will nearly double by 2024. In the jobs market, AI roles like Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists now dominate LinkedIn’s top emerging jobs. But most […]

AI 101: Must-Know Fundamentals to Getting Started in Artificial Intelligence

An image of a person in front of a computer seeing an AI hologram overwhelmed with documents flying around all over the desk

Chatbots, self-driving cars, face recognition – AI is turning sci-fi tropes into everyday tech. But between the hype and heavy-duty math equations, AI foundations often get lost in translation. Let’s decode this mysterious field back to the ABCs so anyone can start speaking the language of thinking machines! Our latest guide gently unravels the complex […]

The Great AI Degree Debate: Is it Worth it?

The dilemma of higher education for pursuing an AI Career

The allure of adding those coveted MIT, Stanford or other top university initials to your CV is strong. But before taking on years of study and heaping debt, ask yourself: what matters most for thriving in AI engineering? Practical skills or academic pedigree? The prestige factor is real. But let’s get real: when it comes […]

7 Steps to Forging a New Career in AI

A wide angle ratio illustration depicting a winding road going towards a mountain summit labeled "AI"

This comprehensive guide charts the exhilarating journey to mastery, outlining the resilience, skills, and mindsets trailblazers need to navigate twists and turns on the path to transformation.