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Computer and Network Support Technician Program

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Computer and Network Support Technician Program

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Program Description

The Global Institute of Technology ‘Computer and Network Support Technician Program’ is a Diploma program designed to prepare student for entry level employment in the field of Information technology. Student will build a foundation in basic programming, characteristics and performance enhancing features of personal computers and servers, hardware and operating systems (including Microsoft, as well as different distributions of Linux) supported by virtualization tools and networks infrastructure. Student will also learn about data center technologies that supports small- and medium-sized businesses.

This program also optionally prepares the student for industry recognized certifications. The program is designed to provide 3 basic courses with optional electives based on job placement requirement. The program will provide a student with the hands-on skills and knowledge to support an enterprise at computer user and network levels. The optional courses are provided to enhance the knowledge and skills to perform at workplace. 

Course Objectives

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The Computer & Networking Support Technician program will provide students with a strong foundation on which to build a successful career in Information Technology. Students will be exposed to the core principles and procedures of networking concepts, office applications, computer hardware and software, and desktop and server operating systems.

They will also be exposed to the unique challenges of the IT business world and become skilled in customer service essentials. This program emphasizes hands-on learning experiences (software and hardware) based on performance-based objectives and incorporates troubleshooting techniques in every course.

Upon completion of this program, students will be trained for entry level positions in the IT field as Computer and Information Systems Technicians, Software Support Technicians, Systems Administrator, Computer Support Specialist, Help Desk Support Technician, and other employment in the Information Technology field.

Students will be encouraged and eligible to sit for a specific set of industry certifications such as; CompTIA A+, and Network+. Students will be required to complete out-of-class assignment in each course. 

List of courses

The Computer and Network Support Technician Program requires a student to complete all the programs listed below. The total Classroom/Instructional Hours of the diploma program is 320. The breakdown of  the hours will be provided in the lecture plan and class specific schedule of the  course.  

Course Number Course Title
IT Fundamentals (CompTIA IT Fundamentals) Training Program
IT Foundation (CompTIA A+) Training Program
CompTIA Security+ Training Program
CompTIA Network+ Training Program
Preparing for Workplace

In the case that a student has related prior education, specific industry recognized  certifications or relevant hands on experience they must at minimum complete any  seven of the above courses from Global Institute of Technology to graduate. Total  GIT Classroom/Instructional Hours and transfer credit hours of the diploma  program must meet the total 400 hours requirement for the diploma program.

The student will be notified of any changes in program training period and cost during  enrollment process. In case of candidates, the school maintains written record of  previous education and training details and notifies specific Candidate Administration  (CA) contact with changes in program training period and cost, if any.

Training Modality Training Materials
Live Instructor Led Training – Online (Zoom)
1. eBook

2. Labs

3. Exam vouchers

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Instructor-led Courses

The Global Institute of Technology (GIT) provides comprehensive training and full-services certification testing in 2 locations: Fairfax and Richmond.

Mentored On-demand Courses

Introducing GIT Mentored On-demand Courses (Learn Anywhere). Don’t just watch videos, get experts help to completely digest the course materials. 

Training & Certification Path

The Global Institute of technology (GIT) provides comprehensive training and full-services certification testing in Virginia.The program process steps are provided below:


Mentored Credential Based Training


Practice Labs & Exercises


Training Progress Reporting


Testing for Industry Recognized Certifications

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Our goal is to provide and foster professional advancement opportunities among individuals dedicated to or pursuing an IT career, and to work diligently to enhance their effectiveness, image, and professionalism as they attract and serve their clients and employers.  

We want to ensure that you obtain the most benefit from your software tools and contribute to the productivity of your organization with as short a learning curve as possible. We do this by providing you with comprehensive training solutions that encompass a variety of course levels and subject matter to meet your evolving needs.

  • A CompTIA Certified Partner
  • Oracle University Authorized Partner
  • A Cisco Certification Trainer and Tester
  • A Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Authorized Prometric, Perarson VUE, PAN, Kryterion and CATS Testing Center.
  • Authorized to operate through state council of higher education for Virginia (SCHEV)
  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA) approved trainer

Training Vendors

We provide training for the following vendors:

We provide training for the following vendors:






Lotus notes


Check Point

People soft


Red Hat


Sun Microsystems

Web Applications


Technical Approach

We shall provide certification training pertaining to test certification and real-world scenarios. We would provide the current certification programs available by specified vendors. Any changes made to the certification would be notified to the student/coordinator.


Training should be based on best practices in online/classroom training. The certification programs are conducted in an active learning online/classroom setup with focus on exercises, case studies, and examples that will enrich the learning experience of participants and help them relate and implement what they learn on their actual work place.

Students say

Simple to follow and it was captivating.My understanding of Cyber Security is increasing exponentially.



This is a very comprehensive course. It covers a wide variety of techniques and tools for various levels of anonymized growing and privacy



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