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  • Market research for cyber security enthusiasts
  • Leading companies that employ excellent skills, job roles and security and networking benefits
  • Salary and career development in the field of cyber security

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Objectives and purpose for this book

Security problems are on the front page of newspapers daily. A primary cause is that software is not designed and built to operate securely.

Perfect security is not achievable for software that must also be usable and maintainable and fast and cheap, but realistic security choices do not happen by accident. They must be engineered. 

The software is in every field and all those involved in its construction and use must learn how to choose wisely.

Our Cyber ​​Security Career Guide gives you insights into the most popular technologies, the best companies to hire, the skills needed to jumpstart your career in the emerging security and networking industry, and provide you with a personalized map for becoming a successful cyber security expert.