IT and CyberSecurity
Diploma Program

The only certification you need to become an IT Specialist

The 8-week instructor-led diploma program is structured to make you an IT and cybersecurity professional.

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IT and CyberSecurity
Diploma Program

The only certification you need to become an IT Specialist

Companies need you..

The 8 weeks instructor-led diploma program is structured to make you an IT and cybersecurity professional. There is also a 16-week evening program available. Coursework is focused on the key topics and knowledge areas required to be successful in the IT Specialist Career Path.

The average salary for IT professionals in North America is up to 35% higher than the regular office jobs.

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Become a top-notch IT Specialist

IT specialists are the ones who select hardware and software products fit for a particular organization.

Kick-start your IT career armed with the
GIT Services Diploma Program

Develop skills for real career growth
Learn from experts
Learn by working on real-world problems

Whats Included

Course name Duration
IT Fundamentals (CompTIA IT Fundamentals) Training Program


1 year access on CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Courseware (worth $179) 1 year access on CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Lab (worth $89) 1 year access Exam Preparation Materials (worth $49) 1 CompTIA Exam Voucher for CompTIA ITF+ (Exam FC0-U61) (worth $126)
40 hrs
IT Foundation (CompTIA A+) Training Program


1 year access on CompTIA A+ 1001 and 1002 Courseware (worth $639 ) 1 year access on CompTIA A+ 1002 Lab (worth $129 ) 1 year access Exam Preparation Materials (worth $99 ) 2 CompTIA Exam Voucher for both A+ 1001 and 1002 (Exam 220-1001/1002) (worth $464 )
40 hrs
CompTIA Network+ Training Program


1 year access on CompTIA Network+ Courseware (worth $479 ) 1 year access on CompTIA Network+ Lab (worth $179 ) 1 year access Exam Preparation Materials (worth $75 ) 1 CompTIA Exam Voucher for Network+ (Exam N10-007) (worth $338 )
40 hrs
CompTIA Security+ Training Program


1 year access on CompTIA Security+ Courseware (worth $529 ) 1 year access on CompTIA Security+ Lab (worth $199 ) 1 year access Exam Preparation Materials (worth $75 ) 1 CompTIA Exam Voucher for Security+ (Exam SY0-601) (worth $370 )
40 hrs
CompTIA Linux+ Training Program


11 year access on CompTIA Linux+ Courseware (worth $479 ) 1 year access on CompTIA Linux+ Labs (worth $179 )
40 hrs
Cisco CCNA Training Program


1 year access on Cisco CCNA Courseware and Labs (worth $275 ) 1 CompTIA Exam Voucher for Cisco CCNA 200-301 (worth $300 )
40 hrs
Configuration and Administration of Windows 10


1 year access on MS Win 10 Admin eBook and Labs (worth $225 )
40 hrs
Preparing for Workplace


One-on-one coaching with Instructor Focused training on developing Job Interview requirements
40 hrs
Total Duration: (Day Time: 8 weeks/320 Hrs, Evening: 16 weeks/320 Hrs)
320 hrs

Course Highlights


What People Say

I had classes beforehand at a local university doing IT Courses. I learned a lot more in this 8-week program than in 6 months at the University. Even though it is not in person, but the zoom classes, the review notes and the resources you gave me were a lot more than the University did.

What I like the most about this 8-week program was there was a lot of information but it was given to you in a manner in which you can actually take it in and learn something from it instead of leaving you hanging you in the process.

A lot of guys in IT started out with day 0 with no certifications know nothing doing basic help desk stuff. With this course here, we can try to get in and bypass that Stage 1 Help Desk.
Anthony Lopez
The teachers were amazing, all three of them. What did you like the most in the 8 weeks program, probably the Hands-On exercise. One of the things that they do a lot is they have a lot of labs where they go online and then you go in and you do all the stuff with your like actually doing how it would in a real-world situation. They walk you through that in for me that's how I learned so that would super helpful thing to do.

After coming here, I could confidently say that I could probably go into most workspace environments with IT career and get it.

I would understand what I'm doing maybe not initially but I would be able to learn it very quickly because I know now all of the fundamentals all of the basics and stuff like that so it's definitely the first very big very helpful stepping stone in my IT career and for that, I'm extremely grateful.
I accomplished my personal objectives to establish a sound baseline of IT/Cyber training as I have no formal training or education in the field.  While I am not pursuing a career in the IT Industry after my military retirement, my other skills set routinely interface with the Cyber component and organizations supporting the DoD and Intel Community. 

I attended this 8-week course to prepare me for this Military Course starting in late May so I feel this has prepared me for that very challenging 6-week military course.
Jason Hasting
I came in with absolutely no IT experience I've been a mechanic that my whole 22 years of being in the Army. I've done a lot of different training I've been to a couple of different schools and I've never seen the dedication of instructors in this course. they literally make sure you understand everything is going on in and these days just almost impossible to find.

I have already gotten two of my certifications and I'm planning on getting a bunch more. And that's another thing is that these vouchers last for a year so you have plenty of time to continue to study. You have all the content that you went through, the videos, the slides, and also it's just great that they give you everything you need to be successful and from day one
David Rowland
I did 9-week training just like this supposed to be Hands-On, none of the instructors in the support system was even close to what GIT has actually offered.
Dennis Vessey Sr
What do I like most, probably the interaction between the instructors in the students and the Labs. Basically, how CompTIA has it set up for anybody.
I think that staff is amazing and that they go above and beyond to make sure the students are taken care of and have everything they need to make it in this course.

The other amazing part of this program is the amount of time they spend getting you ready to get into the workforce, I know for my class it seemed like a lot of the students where either just out the military or still in and they did not get the best guidance as they were going through the transition out. So, the amount of time you spend going over the resumes and learning what resources are out there is amazing.

I have been out for six years and I was set up out the door pretty good, but this took everything I had to the next lever and this day in age you need any leg up you can get out there.
Jared Pratt
I love the training, I love the course, the instructors were very forthcoming with all the knowledge they had, they very gladly share with us.

The admin was very phenomenal they were able to reply to emails text quickly and give us the information that we needed to finish the course and also for future success. This kind of training was presentable, it really was articulate, and it was structured and you knew what is expected from week to week. And the after-hours review group was available.

And if you have an appointment and missed a class, you can talk to the professor and get it squared away. There are videos that are recorded so you can actually use that also. There are multiple avenues of training and study that you can use to take and finish the course and be successful in the completion cand career .
KC Catoe
it's good training a well-organized. I like the fact that I kind of went in the progression from like least difficult and moving on. It pretty much didn’t overwhelm everybody at the beginning and then you have a good solid pipeline of what you're going to be doing what you should accomplish what your Milestones are.

I pretty much enjoyed it and I think it’s very beneficial
Jorge Legra
I was just coming in here with absolutely no background information at all and you learn all this in 8 weeks but they do give it to you and bite sizes that just easy to you to digest.

I didn't have anything going into an IT industry so this 8-week training program actually gave me the opportunity to go in there and get my foot in.




Do you seek justice and want to protect people and organizations that are constantly vulnerable to unseen threats to their safety and prosperity?

These roles might be a good fit for you:

Information Security Analyst
Junior Penetration Tester
Digital Forensics Analyst

Average wages: $45-60/hour

Do I really need an IT and Cybersecurity Diploma?

Our diploma program is designed to help those looking to get started in the early stages of their careers related to information technology. Double your chances of getting an IT career you aspire.
Once you kick-start your IT career armed with the right certification, you will realize that the possibilities for career advancement are limitless.

Take your skills to the next level today!

What you get

Learn the basics of IT

The program covers basic but professional level knowledge of computer hardware, networking and security. Completing this program will be a strong foundation for those working at the program curriculum level to begin an IT career.

Discover how to create and manage a data network

Network Discovery is an automated tool for finding the components on your network and creating a managed object database representing those components on an MIS. The database created by Network Discovery is stored on a local or remote MIS as either a logical or topological (hierarchical) map that you can view with the Network Views tool.

Understand how to fix
networking issues

Issues can arise at numerous points along the network. Before you start trying to troubleshoot any issue, you want to have a clear understanding of what the problem is, how it came up, who it’s affecting, and how long it’s been going on.

Practice preparing for CompTIA A +, Security + and Network + Certifications and other on demand IT certificates

How to prepare for a CompTIA certification exam depends on what will best help you understand and retain the information to pass the certification exam and to use throughout your IT career.

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The Global Institute of technology (GIT) provides comprehensive training and full-services certification testing in 2 locations : Fairfax, Richmond 


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How much does our partner's program cost?

They’ve worked hard to ensure that veterans are maximizing their benefits so that they can comfortably attend training. To do that, we only work with training partners that have been vetted and approved by the VA.

Your benefits can cover up to 100% of course tuition, books, testing vouchers, practice tests and more. We can help with your paperwork and application process to make sure you’re covered!

What Our Partners Expect of You

110% Focus for 9 Weeks

This program is designed to stretch your mind. It’s going to require maximum focus and attention, but the end result is worth the work.

50-60 Hours of Effort per Week

Every course and certification will require extra work and study time outside of normal class time

Complete All Coursework

It’s expected that all veterans from Veteran Transition Mission to attend their required classes and complete all necessary work.


Get the competitive edge. Prove that you are performing better. Achieve your goals. Get 

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