Reasons to Build a Career With CCNA Certification

Need to get CCNA certification? OK! CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) will be the foundation of your IT career. Issued by Cisco, it is a start-up certification in networking using Cisco technologies and products.

Cisco certification is a reliable way to get the most out of anyone who wants to build a business around Cisco products. This article focuses on CCNA, which prepares entry-level career opportunities in the Cisco networking industry for IT enthusiasts. The IT job market is more crowded than ever before. Even with an online degree, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd with the same certification. CCNA certification will help you build your personal brand and stand out from the crowd. Obtaining CCNA certification has many benefits and we will focus on the most important ones to help you in decision making.

What is CCNA Certification?

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. This is the type of technical certification that Cisco issues for networking professionals. CCNA is designed to enhance, enhance and evaluate an individual’s networking knowledge. The certificate verifies the holder’s general ability to install, secure, operate, and repair problems within enterprise networks. Cisco CCNA certification provides professionals with an in-depth understanding of networking concepts. This allows networking professionals to keep their current skills and knowledge up to date. Certification increases job opportunities in the networking domain. This will help the certifier to improve his career, promotion and new job opportunities with higher salary packs.

Benefits of CCNA Certification:

With your CCNA certification, you will enhance your knowledge of Cisco Networking; It provides in-depth knowledge that you can apply in your life. Once you have CCNA certification, you will understand the concept of basics of networking. CCNA certification opens the door to opportunities in your life. Once you have CCNA certification, you can negotiate a higher salary than other IT people applying for the same position. Today the world of networking is growing. Various technologies such as SDN (software-limited networking) and the cloud are coming. These technologies greatly change the networking domain and introduce different working roles. So CCNA certification makes you very suitable for new job roles in IT field.

Disclosure of the professional benefits of CCNA

Cisco certification is a process that benefits employers and employees in the IT sector. After getting CCNA certification, many activists have seen positive changes in their life maps. This certification process helps to achieve some real benefits and valuable capabilities. Even after 10 or more years of experience in the IT field – there are many instances where IT professionals have realized the need for CCNA certification.

So ITians! Get ready for CCNA certification so that in your networking career you will never face losing your favorite job. Here are 10 reasons why you can not go far without CCNA certification in the current IT environment.

Advantages Of CCNA Trainining

The importance of CCNA training is that you can increase the reliability aspect by learning this lesson.

Applicants benefit greatly and it has led to good growth in the industry map.

The main advantages of CCNA certification are that you have the opportunity to get priority in any company.

The Top 10 Reasons to get a CCNA Certificate Revealed!

  1. CCNA certification is accepted worldwide.
  2. Professionals armed with desirable CCNA certification are entitled to higher-paying jobs compared to non-certified colleagues.
  3. Nowadays, there are more and more CCNA jobs available worldwide, and to get one easily, having a CCNA certificate is a great choice.
  4. CCNA certification processes enhance the knowledge base of networking professionals – and in many ways!
  5. Are you currently working in an IT company? CCNA certification will definitely increase your chances of getting a promotion.
  6. Do you want to get more respect from all your co-workers? If you have CCNA certification you can make this dream come true.
  7. If you believe that the Internet will continue to dominate the future, it is a wise idea to obtain a CCNA certification tag before you start serving on the network.
  8. The knowledge gathered through CCNA can be used effectively to read other networking modules; Such as CCNA Security and CCNA Wireless.
  9. CCNA certification will undoubtedly help you move from your current job to a better-paying and more challenging networking job.
  10. Knowledge gained through CCNA certification can help solve more problems in networking.

Upgrading your Demand in the Computer Networking Field

Employers yearn for the best-qualified candidates; It’s as simple as that!

  • Worldwide, 93% of employers consider Cisco certified employees adding more value to their business and more intelligent than their non-Cisco certified job seekers.
  • Employing CCNA certified recipients is exclusively required by Cisco Partners. For this reason, Cisco certification is seen by many business owners as a prerequisite.

Once you have CCNA certification, you are “needed” in the field of information technology – immediately – all of these reasons are clear!

Is CCNA certification worth it?

The CCNA certification is one of the most preferred and most valuable certifications in developing a professional life. CCNA focuses on monitoring, managing and maintaining the network infrastructure. It also includes the basic concepts of networking and working of devices such as routers, switches, repeaters. Another advantage of certification is that it covers the latest and advanced network technologies such as automation and programmability. CCNA certified professionals acquire the installation and management capabilities of an organization’s entire network.

One of the most important benefits of obtaining CCNA certification is Cisco’s reputation in the industry. Cisco is constantly improving its services and products. Its popularity and market share is increasing over time. Cisco certifications are highly preferred by employers when hiring applicants for networking jobs. Adding this certificate to your application will have a positive impact on the recruitment team. In addition the Cisco CCNA Certification will allow you to:

  • Demonstrate your professional knowledge of network basics, IP services and network security
  • Display your learning experiences
  • Secure better career opportunities and higher pay packages
  • Proceed confidently in your career
  • Earn digital badges and connect with various social media handles

Significant aspects of CCNA Training


When you are CCNA certified, you will gain more knowledge in Cisco Networking and you will learn the basics of networking. It helps to create many jobs in the networking industry. The company prefers to hire a new graduate with a CCNA certification rather than an average IT professional who is not certified.


 Employer Benefits

Most employers want to hire certified professionals because they can work competitively in the field of information technology. CCNA certification is the genuine recognition that you have acquired the skills and knowledge required for a network engineer.


Career development

If you are an experienced candidate, CCNA certification can help you increase your chances of promotion. Also, if you want to change your life or you are a beginner, the networking industry offers a vast opportunity to improve your life. As technology grows exponentially day by day, the government and other businesses are looking for a qualified network engineer to handle their network operations.


Salary increment

Most companies are looking for CCNA certified experts. If you have CCNA certification in your biodata the chances of getting a salary increase are high. Also, an employee working in a company, after completing the CCNA course in Chennai, can negotiate with higher officials about a pay rise with a certificate and the chances of getting a pay rise are high.

The above are some of the benefits of being CCNA certified. This article will guide you to the CCNA certified curriculum and highlight the importance of the curriculum. Join the CCNA course in Bangalore and start your career in the field of networking by learning the skills under the guidance of working professionals.

Examinations to Get CCNA Certification

To get CCNA certification, you need to test your skills by passing one of the following exams:

CCNA 640-801 Exam- Cisco Networking Technologies and Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, or, Introducing the CCNA 640-821 Exam Beta- Cisco Networking Technologies and CCNA 640-801 Devices Interconnecting Exam.

Job-roles with CCNA Certification:

Applicants with CCNA certification, Information Technology Manager, Information Technology Director, Systems Engineer, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Senior System Engineer, Network Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Senior Systems Engineer, etc. Technician, etc.

How Should You Prepare for the CCNA?

There are various ways to prepare for the CCNA Certificate Exam:

Self-study resources: You can prepare for CCNA certification through self-study, including books, videos, study guides and practice questions.

Instructor-led Training: You can choose Instructor-led CCNA Training online to prepare for the CCNA Certification Exam; You can learn directly from networking experts. Instructor-led training helps you to understand each concept in depth. Infosec Rail provides all the product guidance needed for the CCNA Certification Exam. Infosec Train focuses on the range of IT security and networking training. Qualified instructors offer interactive training sessions with many years of professional experience. To prepare for the Certificate Exam, you can check and register at our CCNA Certificate-Training.

Way Forward

To ensure the best performance of any of the exams mentioned above, enroll yourself in the appropriate CCNA training program. It is advisable to enroll in a CCNA training program run by a competitive instructor and to follow web-based self-study material and theory books.

Are you ready for this challenge? Get yourself a CCNA Certificate – Glad you did!


By the time you finish reading this article, you may already understand the power of obtaining this certification, but it may not be entirely sufficient if you want to become a top IT professional. Other courses must be accompanied by a CCNA certification, which is required to ensure a flying career. 

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