The 5 Best cloud computing jobs around

Jobs in cloud computing are on the rise in the reverse era of this unexpected epidemic. According to T4 research, the market share of cloud computing will grow to $ 406 billion by 2021 and a whopping $ 663 billion. With such market share, small, medium or large companies will be filling the cloud computing services from their traditional data center approach, rewarding the masses with the sudden benefits of this technological change. Doesn’t this really force us to think about whether or not we can make our living in the growing cloud computing industry !!

Yes, there are numerous opportunities that companies offer in this field for those individuals who are willing to extract key effects from an investment made by a company to use cloud-based architecture. We will learn about the best opportunities for one to benefit based on offers, job type and performance bound to cloud based models.

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Is Cloud Computing A Good Career?

U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for specialists in computer and IT positions is growing faster than usual. Cloud computing is a life-affirming experience because it offers an exciting new way of planning, developing, testing and implementing IT projects, as well as higher pay and multiple job positions.

If you want to work with the cloud, this field offers flexibility and many job opportunities. Cloud computing is open to the work of data scientists, system administrators, software architects and various software engineers and developers. Whatever your interest in information technology, there is something for anyone in cloud computing.

In this article, we discuss the best cloud computing jobs around us.

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1. Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer, in a broad sense, manages many technical processes responsibly through the provided cloud-based systems. Worry about what purpose processes are being carried forward with !! Each of them involves technologically advanced tasks, including the design, maintenance, planning and monitoring of their existing business infrastructure, as well as quick innovations and scalable mechanisms through those technological processes.

Do a Google search for “Cloud Software Engineer” and you will get over 40 million hits. This is a very interesting one for those on the Force’s software development page, and is responsible for the design and development of the integrated distributed software modules. Cloud service providers, but it is very versatile and cloud software engineers are involved in many areas of cloud software development.

Skills required:

To be a cloud engineer, you must have knowledge of Python, PHP, .NET, SQL, general N / W (network) management functions and a deep understanding of virtual networks.

2. Cloud Architect

Cloud Architect is another cloud based career opportunity in which you will be responsible for preparing cloud-computing strategy that includes action plans and designs for cloud systems. I wonder if I can become this kind of person with the ability to move the business processes of various companies to the cloud platform !! Yes, you can reach milestones in this career opportunity, for which you need to have a thorough understanding of DNS, that is, domain name system, TCP and IP protocols, and other aspects of computer networks.

 Works closely with IT Security to respond to privacy and incidents according to the measured budgets and estimated costs of cloud adoption projects.

To achieve these goals, cloud architects usually work with various departments of the company, and often work in close relationships with management. This is one of the most sought after jobs in the cloud industry and this demand will continue to grow in the future.

Skills required:

You must have a thorough understanding of DNS, the domain name system, TCP and IP protocols, and other features of computer networks.

Besides, you should also have flexibility in computer programming languages ​​like JavaScript, Python, Go and Java, and work on related projects with minimal help or guidance.

3. Cloud Consultant

The Cloud Consultant will provide technical research and research that justifies its cloud management plans, as well as recommendations regarding the architecture that will be adhered to by the Cloud Services and its requirements. We plan to book your seat for this task !! Yes, you can do this after getting a strong IT background for you, enabling, moving, designing, or maintaining cloud applications and business processes associated with those applications.

Skills required:

You should have in-depth knowledge of at least one operating system from this list:

a) Windows b) Linux c) Ubuntu d) Fedora

You need to know the basics of HTML Apex, JavaScript

4. DevOps Cloud Engineer

Aside from the fancy names (Portmanto of development and functionality), DevOps is actually the brand new job developed in the cloud industry that I really like. In a sense, it is a meeting point between two major IT worlds: developers and sys-admin. On the other hand, it is more than a crossroads with a good mix of software engineering and technical functions and management skills.

Once you have mastered the above, you will collaborate with research and development members known in the market as developers to provide automated solutions for the extension capabilities of existing software and monitoring of user feedback and responses. Same interaction with R&D teams for new product launches and product interface intuitively enhanced in user view. Enroll yourself in professional training to meet the daily expectations of Devops Cloud Engineers !!

Skills required:

This framework revolves around technologies such as the Google Cloud Program, Microsoft Azure or AWS. You must be fluent in any of these programming languages, such as Ruby, Java, Python or Pearl.

5. Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

The task of the cloud engineer is to revolve around a motto and create a secure and robust cloud-based infrastructure that can integrate itself well with systems that demand cloud networks somewhere. In fact, infrastructure engineers work closely with H / W, i.e. hardware engineers and other developers with excellent thinking, analysis and verbal skills.

Imagine what I would do to become a known person in the market to evaluate a company’s current infrastructure and explore options for moving the infrastructure or converting it to the cloud !! Only then will you be able to implement the best course of action, depending on the roles and responsibilities assigned to you in this position that you work on a daily or quarterly basis.

Skills required:

You need to be compatible with Python, Go, Linux, SLAs (service level agreements) / SLOs (service level objectives) and high transaction IP routing protocols.

Finally, having an established career in IT is a great foundation for a cloud computing career. Take the next step towards a career in this field by enrolling in our Cloud Computing training program.

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